Tiny House Is Coming Together

Hello everyone!

It has been 10 days since I last posted and I have been stressing out about it. It has been making me crazy knowing I need to post an update, but being so slammed with projects and life that time just slipped away. However, I am carving out time today to post and update everyone on what’s going on.

First off, Heart Work is coming together. It’s been slower than I would like because I am converting a screenplay to a novel, but it is taking shape. I don’t think most people realize how time consuming it is to flesh out a book from a screenplay. The screenplay is basically an outline of the story with dialogue and not mush else. My goal is to write two chapters a day and finish by Sunday, August 1. Then I can start self-editing while I contact editors to hire and get on their schedule. The editing process is probably the single largest and most important piece, next to writing the manuscript, when it comes to publishing a book. The end it in sight and the book is still on schedule.

The second largest project in my life right now is finishing the interior of my tiny home. I have painted all but two of the IVAR pieces I purchased earlier this year. I discovered I need more shelves and a couple more drawers, but at least I can plan out what I need and not over buy. I have also purchased drywall to cover the space age looking Reflectix insulation the IVAR system currently sits in front of. I put the IVAR system together to see how many more shelves I needed and to make sure it was going to fit how I needed it to fit.

There are electrical boxes behind the Reflectix that I need to cut out as well, but that’s a minor detail at this point. I am so excited to see everything finally taking shape. It feels like it has been a lifetime since I started this project, but to see it finally come together has been the greatest joy. As each to do item gets checked off, and very few get added back on, it has been a massive relief. I have included some pictures of my projects over this week.

Take care, stay safe, and stay cool!


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