Heart Work – Chapter One

Collin sat behind his desk looking over the files his interns had brought him, wondering how he was going to survive his day.

At 36, Collin was well on his way to making partner at the law firm he had worked at for over a decade. Achieving that goal was all he ever wanted. He was so close. Collin would sacrifice anything to succeed.

“Jennifer, where are we on the Olsen merger?” He wasn’t sure how he had gotten the wallflower on his team, but at least she was competent Collin thought as he reviewed the file she had handed.

“Right on track, Mr. Knight,” Jennifer responded softly, looking at her hands. “Everything is all set for the presentation tomorrow, and the final contracts will be ready this afternoon so they can be signed by both parties.”

“Sounds great. Dismissed.” Collin handed the file back to young woman and waved her away as he turned his attention to another file Billy had prepared for him.

As Collin opened his mouth to question Billy, his secretary interrupted on the intercom.

“Mr. Knight? You have a call from your mother. She’s on hold, and said it’s important that she speaks with you.”

Annoyed, Collin sharply responded, “Can you tell her I’ll call her back after my meetings?”

“She is really insistent with speaking to you, sir. She said its urgent,” the older woman argued back.

Collin pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. Why the hell did he kept that woman around when she couldn’t even follow a simple order was beyond him.

“Please tell her I’ll call her later. I have several meetings I need to get through, so I can call her back later,” Collin barked.

“Yes, Mr. Knight.”

The line disconnected. Collin ran a hand through his hair as he refocused on the file in front of him.

“Billy, you need to make sure this acquisition is wrapped up by the end of the week. I’m not seeing any progress and I’m tired of your excuses,” Collin ranted.

He continued his complaints as he flipped through the file. “If I don’t have a signed contract on my desk by the time I leave for the airport Friday, you’re fired, and I’ll find someone else. Got it?”

Billy nodded as he caught the file Collin threw at him. The young man couldn’t get out of his office fast enough.

Only one person remained – Veronica Phillips. She was a stunning display of feminism. Her graceful lines, lush breasts, and slender frame were every man’s fantasy.

Collin reviewed the file she had given him, watching her tongue moisten her plump lips out of the corner of his eye.

“Everything looks good here. You never fail, Veronica,” he praised, watching as she crossed her legs, exposing more of her creamy flesh.

“Keep up the good work, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to join me on one of my high profile business trips,” Collin promised.

“Daddy, would love that,” Veronica cooed. “You know, there is talk that you could be one of the youngest partners at this firm in years.”

Collin smiled at her. “I know. It’s my goal to be made VP before I turn 38 in a few years.”

Veronica leaned forward, giving Collin a better view of her cleavage. “Well, you’re definitely impressing all the right people.”

Veronica carefully got up from her chair, and quietly closed the door. She then sauntered back and carefully perched herself on the corner of his desk. She was careful to make sure they didn’t touch despite their close proximity.

“Do you want me to help Billy with the acquisition? I can finish the rest of the details for your business trip to Tokyo by this afternoon. That would free me up to help Billy, unless you need me somewhere else,” Veronica’s voice dropped to a sultry whisper at the last part.

Heat shot through Collin’s body. It had been too long since he and Veronica had been together. Too many social obligations and corporate acquisitions and mergers. He really needed to take her out before he left for Tokyo, and then he needed to make sure he schedule time with her weekly.

Collin lightly traced a finger up Veronica’s thigh. “That acquisition is a top priority, so once you wrap this up, help Billy.”

Collin then leaned forward and handed Veronica the file from his desk. She winked at him before running her foot up his calf.

Collin let out a low growl. Veronica just laughed softly as she waltzed out of his office.

Collin took a few deeps breaths in an attempt to get his arousal under control. That woman got under his skin and she knew it.

Focus man! You have meetings today! Do not let Veronica distract you from you goals.

Collin turned his attention back to his computer in preparation for his client who would be there soon. After a few minutes, a business man in his mid-50s walked through the door.

Collin stood to greet the man.

“Phil! It’s good to see you. I have all the numbers and figures you asked for, as well as the final contacts for you to go over.”

The older man chuckled as he shook Collin’s hand. “That’s why I love working with you Collin! You don’t waste my time, and get right down to business,” he praised.

“I try.”

Collin gestured for Phil to sit down as he closed the door to his office. Phil Hamilton was an influential real estate developer, and despite his young age, he had chosen Collin to represent him in all of his contractual dealings.

It had been a huge honor. Collin would never forget the moment a decade ago when he had been the only person bold enough to go against what the great Phil Hamilton had wanted. On the inside he had been shaking like a leaf, but on the outside, Collin had projected calm and control.

Phil had listened to his reasoning, had asked questions, and then had looked over at his lawyer and fired him on the spot. From that moment forward, Collin had been Phil’s go to lawyer, despite his young age and lack of experience, he had been the go-to lawyer for Hamilton Enterprises.

When Collin had landed his position at Phillips, Ellis, and Dean, Phil had made it known Collin was his lawyer and he went where Collin went. The partners hadn’t been happy about it, a few of them had tried to poach Phil from him, but time and again, Collin had come through for Phil and the man was fiercely loyal.

“You’re going to Toyko in a few days, right?” Phil asked as he looked over the papers and signed.

“Yes, I’ll be gone a week. But as always, you can call me any time day or night, and I’ll get right on whatever it is you need,” Collin assured.

Phil chuckled as he slid the papers back across the desk. “Collin, I’m not worried. I once waited two months for you to figure out a deal for me that would have taken more experienced lawyer a week tops. People thought I was nuts because the time waiting was costing me money, but when you came back with the answer and contracts, it was through, well articulated, and iron-clad.”

Collin cringed at the memory. He had only been a few years out of law school and had just been getting started in contract law. “Yeah, that wasn’t my finest moment.”

“No, it was. Because of your thoroughness, when the other guy tried to renege on our deal, and leave me holding all the debt because he was going bankrupt, your contract is what saved me from losing everything on that job. Turned out to be one of the most profitable projects I’ve ever done, but a large part of that is because of you.”

“Well, I was just glad everything worked out in the end.”

“It always does. You work too hard! You need to remember there is a world outside of this office and you only get one shot at life,” Phil advised.

“I know, I know. As soon as I make partner I’m going to slow down,” Collin replied as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

“Everyone always says that and then they never do until it’s too late. Trust me, live life. Money, prestige, titles, they are empty pillars we hold onto in comparison to so many other things in life,” Phil noted.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I promise. I was actually just thinking about how I need to slow down more,” Collin admitted.

“Good! Slow down, and enjoy life. Enjoy Tokyo and I’ll see you when you get back,” Phil said as he gathered his things.

“Sounds good. Take care, Phil,” Collin called out as the older man left.

He looked around his office, studied the awards on the shelf across from his desk. He then looked down at the photo of himself and his mother taken on the front porch of his childhood home when he was about 10.

He should really call his mother back. Actually, what he needed to do was take a vacation and go the hell home to visit her. He hadn’t seen her in almost a year. Aside from his aunt, he didn’t have much family left, and he really needed to appreciate the family he had.

Collin picked up the phone to call his mom, but was interrupted by his secretary.

“Sir, you’re needed in the conference room. They are asking for you,” came the nasally voice of his secrtary.

“Tell them I’ll be right there.” Collin sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He took one last look at the photo before grabbing a file on the edge of his desk and leaving the office. He’d call his mom later, and then he would take a vacation.

Copyright © Meg’s Chronicles 2021 All Rights Reserved


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